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Self Signup With Approval enrollment fails




      Self signup with approval petitions fail with

      SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'CoPersonRole.id' in 'where clause'

      after the

      POST https://<host>/registry/co_petitions/petitionerAttributes

      The enrollment flow configuration is

                                                          • 1. row ***************************
                                                            id: 58
                                                            name: OSG Registration: Self Signup With Approval
                                                            co_id: 6
                                                            authz_level: AU
                                                            authz_cou_id: NULL
                                                            authz_co_group_id: NULL
                                                            co_pipeline_id: NULL
                                                            match_policy: N
                                                            approval_required: 1
                                                            approver_co_group_id: 27
                                                            verify_email: NULL
                                                            email_verification_mode: A
                                                            invitation_validity: 1440
                                                            require_authn: 1
                                                            notification_co_group_id: NULL
                                                            status: A
                                                            verification_subject: Please verify your OSG VO Registration
                                                            verification_body: Thank you for registering with the OSG VO Registry.

      Before your registration can be approved you need to visit the link below so that we can verify that you received this email at an email address you control.

      After you click the link and verify your registration an administrator from the OSG VO will review you registration for accuracy as soon as possible and then approve it. You will receive another email after the registration is completed.


      Thank you,

      OSG VO administrator team
      verification_template_id: NULL
      notify_on_approval: 1
      approval_subject: OSG Registration has been approved
      approval_body: Your registration with the OSG VO Registry is now complete.
      Thank you for registering.

      OSG VO administrator team
      approval_template_id: NULL
      notify_on_finalize: 0
      finalization_template_id: NULL
      introduction_text: Please click below to begin the registration process for the OSG VO. You will be asked to submit a form with your home institution, name, and email address. After you verify your email address and your application is approved you will receive another email when your registration is complete.
      conclusion_text: After submitting the form you will receive an email asking you to click and verify your registration. You will receive another email after your registration has been approved by OSG VO staff.
      t_and_c_mode: X
      ignore_authoritative: 0
      duplicate_mode: D
      created: 2017-02-14 13:20:52
      modified: 2017-02-14 13:23:01
      co_enrollment_flow_id: NULL
      revision: 1
      deleted: 0
      actor_identifier: http://cilogon.org/serverA/users/22981
      co_theme_id: NULL




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