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grouper new ui not showing unresolvable subjects correctly



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      From: grouper-users-request
      On Behalf Of Christopher Bongaarts
      Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2015 1:45 PM
      To: grouper-users
      Subject: [grouper-users] Missing subjects display

      We're in the process of upgrading our Grouper install from 1.5.x to 2.2.1. There's one issue that we'd like to clean up but I'm unsure of how to fix it.

      We use our LDAP directory for our subject store (via the JNDI source). At times, users can be deleted from the directory without being deleted from groups in Grouper. In our 1.5 web UI, these users appear in group lists as "(uniqueID) not found".

      In the 2.2.1 UI, in group membership lists, the table cell for the name field is completely empty. Example HTML for a user that exists in the source:
      <td class="expand foo-clicker">
      <a title="(username)" rel="tooltip" data-placement="right" data-delay-show="200" data-html="true" onclick="return guiV2link('operation=UiV2Subject.viewSubject&subjectId=(uniqueID)&sourceId=umnldap');" href="UiV2Main.index?operation=UiV2Subject.viewSubject&subjectId=uniqueID&sourceId=umnldap">
      <i class="fa fa-user">::before</i>First M Lastname</a>
      For a user that does not exist in the source:
      <td class="expand foo-clicker">

      If you select the "edit membships" dropdown for the blank line, it brings up the Edit Memberships page, which shows "(uniqueID) entity not found" everywhere the person's name or description would have shown up (which is what we want).

      I having trouble figuring out where/how to fix this (or if I've stumbled on an actual bug, but at this point my suspicion is we're missing some sort of config setting). The fact that the Edit Membership pages behaves "correctly" but the list items don't confuses and frightens me. Any ideas?




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