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add debugging information in UI search



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      Erik Coleman [3:19 PM]
      Can someone (perhaps @mchyzer) explain what is happening behind the scenes with the top search bar in the new UI? If I type something in there and click on the magnifying glass, it takes upwards of 25-35 seconds to get a response. I can't figure out if it's just a bad optimization of LDAP queries, or just a slow database.

      Chris Hyzer [4:57 PM]
      it does a bunch of stuff, searches groups, folders, attributes, and subjects. can you turn on query logging to see if thats it? theres a hibernate way to do it or p6spy... i could put some logging in there for you in a patch if you like...

      Chad Redman [10:27 PM]
      It searches groups and stems, and then for the other sources, uses the query defined in the subjectApi.source.*.search.search.param.filter.value . And if you have defined grouperQuerySubjectsMultipleQueriesCommaSeparated, a comma in the query will split it into multiple queries.
      It's worth the effort to optimize the queries. It's tempting to put wildcards everywhere, but sometimes it hurts performance a lot




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