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move voot jar into ws




      Scott Koranda [2:18 PM]
      @chubing I know the answer but want to confirm…the I2 Grouper containers do not include the Voot jar, correct? (The people want their Voot and will not be denied!)

      Shilen Patel [2:18 PM]
      Just curious, do you have something automated that looks for new tags?

      Michael Gettes [2:18 PM]
      @chubing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKftiJS30Cs
      YouTubeJoe Ramen
      Yes - Starship Trooper

      Chris Hyzer [2:18 PM]
      i think he looks at the release notes page
      but tags might be a better way right? :slightly_smiling_face:
      i would think sometimes it doesnt matter and a weekly build is fine, but we could request something more frequent? or do we want a build on every single patch?

      Chris Hubing [2:19 PM]
      Right now, I go and make a new branch and modify grouper.installer.properties
      git tells jenkins and jenkins builds it, tests it, and pushes to dockerhub
      @skoranda I donut know voot you are talking about. :slightly_smiling_face:

      Scott Koranda [2:21 PM]
      @chubing Groan…

      Chris Hyzer [2:23 PM]
      @skoranda voot is not in the installer. should we add?
      it doesnt have any jars or anything, maybe we should just put that in the WS install so its not a separate package. it could be a patch too so the so when you add it wont conflict...

      Chris Hubing [2:24 PM]
      @Shilen Patel It would be nice if we tie those two pieces together… otherwise, I just have a watch on the confluence release page.

      Scott Koranda [2:25 PM]
      @mchyzer Hmmm. This documentation mentions a Voot jar? https://spaces.at.internet2.edu/display/Grouper/Grouper+Voot+Connector

      Chris Hyzer [2:25 PM]
      i mean there are no third party dependencies

      Scott Koranda [2:25 PM]

      Chris Hyzer [2:25 PM]
      so that java code could just be in the WS jar
      and if i put it all in a patch, then the packaging would get it, and if you have the voot jar, it wouldnt conflict or fail or anything

      Chris Hubing [2:26 PM]
      If you add that to the installer than it’s trivial to put into the container

      Scott Koranda [2:26 PM]
      Well, there is a large NREN in Europe that would be pleased if Voot found its way into the I2/TIER image and could be easily “turned on”.

      Chris Hyzer [2:26 PM]
      ok, i will move this to WS and make a patch, ok?

      Scott Koranda [2:27 PM]
      Great. Thanks. I am away next week but could help test after that.
      Can we target a 2.3.x image or would this have to go into a 2.4.x? They have 2.3.x in production right now but are just missing Voot.

      Chris Hyzer [2:30 PM]
      @skoranda no changes need to be made to web.xml right? someone would need to change that in their container overlay right?
      sure on 2.3

      Scott Koranda [2:31 PM]
      Yeah, we could overlay web.xml easily.




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