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Issues addressed by PSPNG 2.4 Patch 8



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    • PSPNG Patch 8


      Improvements made to: Caching, Unresolvable-subject handling, Integration tests (particularly Active Directory), and Bug Fixes

      Caching (more configurable, uses less memory)
      -Cache configuration moved to (generic) Provisioner class from LdapProvisioner
      (warnings and backwards compatibility in place for ldapUserCacheSize and
      -Sharing GrouperGroup, GrouperSubject and TargetSystemUser caches
      between Full and Incremental sync systems. TargetSystemGroup caches
      are separately cached by Full and Incremental provisioners because
      FullSync and Incremental provisioners might fetch different information
      about Groups
      -Separate cache sizes for Grouper and TargetSystem information
      -Map cache-size=0 to cache-size=1 because size=0 means Unlimited caching
      within EhCache

      Unresolvable subjects: Handled gracefully

      Integration Tests:
      -Active Directory tests (needs external AD server)
      -Support LDAP target separate from Subject Source
      --ldap parameters from grouper-loader.properties
      -Fix some missing objectclasses
      -Better list comparisons that report diffs when integ tests fail
      -add pre_test and post_test hooks for (external) AD cleanup
      -Better test-failure messages

      -Provide updates while quartz-initiated full-syncs are underway
      --JobStatistics's date externalized so intermediate stats could collect information about work done so far

      FullSync setup:
      -Set activeProvisioner earlier in FullSync thread and just log a warning
      when LdapObjects are created when the ActiveProvisioner is not defined
      -Refresh GrouperSession earlier in process so messaging acks/requeues work

      FullSync processing:
      -Force set comparisons to use correct case sensitivity by forcing both sets
      being compared to have correct sensitivity. (Java doesn't use consistent
      set semantics when comparing sets:
      -Only sync groups that are selected for provisioning
      -Repeat FullSyncs when they make changes to make sure that the FullSync
      didn't clobber a realtime change

      • This required Provisioner.fullSync to return whether changes occurred
        -Do ldap modification right away (instead of coalescing them) because
        the FullSync handles a single group and, therefore, no coalescing across
        multiple groups is possible

      -Ldap-logging utilitiy methods in LdapEntry for consistent INFO summaries
      and DEBUG details
      -Moving several INFO messages to DEBUG
      -Warnings about coalesced-provisioning failures greatly simplified
      -Several small message/level improvements

      Cache-Efficiency stats: (not complete)
      -Add getNativeMemorySize_bytes() to TargetSystemUsers and Groups to
      be able to compare how much memory TargetSystemUsers and TargetSystemGroup
      objects take vs how much data came from the TargetSystem. Eg, compare
      how much an LdapEntry data structure takes vs the equivalent LDIF text of
      the Entry

      WatchDogs (not complete)
      -Starting to create objects (WatchedTask and Watchdog) that can be used
      to document how long operations take and will then log when PSPNG gets stuck
      doing something longer than expected. This could also be useful for Flame
      Graphs where the WatchedTask stacks define what is happening at every
      sampling cycle.



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