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Allow suppression of startup error "Error: Cannot properly read UTF string from database"



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      After GRP-1128, the Grouper startup added various checks for UTF-8 in Java, file reading and the database. There are various properties to set to bypass these:

      1) configuration.detect.utf8.problems
      2) configuration.detect.utf8.file.problems
      3) configuration.display.utf8.success.message

      None of the above properties are used in the UTF check in the database, so there is no way to suppress the message, which is logged at ERROR level. And for the first of these, a false value is only useful to bypass checks when in combination with detectTransactionProblems=false and detectCaseSensitiveProblems=false, otherwise it will still detect utf8 problems.

      Our database is not UTF-8 – ideally it will be someday – and this has not caused us any issues in the API, UI, or WS components.

      Looking for a new configuration property, e.g., configuration.detect.utf8.db.problems, that is true by default but can be set to false to bypass the check when the database is already known to not be UTF-8. Also, the configuration.detect.utf8.problems can be looked at, and possibly be refactored, marked as deprecated, or expanded to encompass both file and db checking.




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