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allow configurable subject checking on check config



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      > Does that give you errors or something that you don't want? Just curious, why don't you want this? I think it is nice since it tells you if it can connect to the backend. Maybe we could either:

      Like I said, no big deal.

      We've embedded Grouper in our production IDM system, and with our logging turned up whenever we start a process we see the searches for "qwertyuiop" and folks ask me : what the heck is it doing ? In some ways, if "qwertyuiop" was "testing-non-existant-subject-please-ignore"
      then I wouldn't need to explain.

      So, yeah, either option (or none, we can just say this is the way it
      is) is fine with me - I prefer 1.

      > 1. let you configure a valid subjectId / subjectIdentifier
      > or
      > 2. let you disable this part if you don't want it
      > Thanks,
      > Chris
      > ----Original Message----
      > Zeller
      > Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 9:09 AM
      > To: Chris Hyzer; Gary Brown; Shilen Patel; Tom Barton
      > Subject: SubjectCheckConfig qwqertyuiopsdfasdsdf
      > Not a big deal, but I just wonder if it is still important for
      > SubjectCheckConfig to query for "random" subjects as part of each
      > Grouper startup :
      > source.getSubject("qwqertyuiopsdfasdsdf", true);
      > source.getSubjectByIdentifier("qwqertyuiopsadfsadfsdf", true);
      > Perhaps these basic checks should be done once, or optionally, rather
      > than upon every Grouper startup.
      > And, maybe we should use a Spring-like configuration for Subjects and
      > Sources, but that's probably a long conversation.
      > TomZ




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