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Changes in change log entries for memberships and privileges



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    • 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.5.2
    • 1.6.0
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      In 1.5 when the change log was populated without a flattened representation, there were a couple of fields added to the change log entry for membership and privilege add and deletes that do not make sense for 1.6 where the change log is based on flattened memberships. There was also a bug that was fixed related to this.

      1. For addPrivilege, deletePrivilege, addMembership, and deleteMembership, the id field in the change log is no longer populated.
      2. For addPrivilege, deletePrivilege, addMembership, and deleteMembership, fieldId and memberId are now populated in the change log. This allows the change log daemon that populates the flattened memberships to have these fields available without making additional queries.
      3. For addMembership and deleteMembership, the membershipType is no longer populated since whether a membership is immediate, effective or composite doesn't make sense in the flattened representation.
      4. For addPrivilege and deletePrivilege, I was populating privilegeType with immediate, effective, or composite also. Again, those values don't make sense anymore. Instead the field is populated with the field type (access, naming, or attributeDef) to be consistent with the privilegeType field in the audit records.
      5. For addPrivilege and deletePrivilege, I have a bug where I was populating privilegeName with the name of the field rather than the name of the privilege. So for instance, I would have "updaters" instead of "update" in 1.5.




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