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Need support for arbitrary attributes in import/export



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    • Apache 2.2.4
      Tomcat 5.5
      Java 1.5
      Linux Redhat Enterprise Server 4
      Oracle 10g DB
      SunOne Directory server 5.2


      This may be the result of my own poorly understood capabilities of MG 1.2.0's import/export feature. But from what I can tell, we can only import or export a limited number of attributes, spicifically, the Grouper identifier and 1 other useful field. We have 2 use cases that would be better served with a more flexible import/export framework.

      1. An Instructional Technology Staff member (typically an advanced but non-technical skillset) needs to import a list of 100 students into a course. The current import format requires them to include the Grouper identifier, which is an attribute that they do not easily have access to. Typically, they would receive a list of brownshortids, which are the login ids of the students in the course. Since Grouper has an ability to map arbitrary attributes associated with a subject, we should be able to import a list of brownshortids or email addresses, rather than a list that must contain the Grouper identifier. I would imagine a list of attributes similar to the current configuration list that would allow us to define an arbitrary set of attributes to be used in the import file.

      2. An Instructional Technology Staff member needs to deliver a list of email addresses of students in a course. Currently, all they can do is export a list that includes the Grouper identifier and one other configurable field, which we typically set to displayName. We would like to have the ability to export a list of attributes that is configurable in the export config file, so we could export attributes that are of greater utility than just the grouper identifier. For example, a list of brownshortids, displaynames, sn, givenname, and email addresses would be very useful.

      The presence of the groups in the exported data is not helpful. We would like the ability to limit the membership listing to just the person or just the group members. See https://bugs.internet2.edu/jira/browse/GRP-42

      Id Name Type
      020114810 Anthony S. Jaworski person
      0f3a1e7a-5654-43e7-b8aa-6e20f7bfe911 COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Administrator group
      177581cc-ed7c-464e-8117-51f7416545a8 COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Administrator Instructors group
      234b0c23-7b29-4a72-88ee-818f79294916 COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Administrator Managers group
      7ce9dbea-802e-4d22-b07d-389743c69d79 COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Administrator TAs group
      c91c1e41-5b36-4793-a5b4-66d941f6a0bb COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Contributor group
      b3752ce8-37b2-4025-9e68-fd1733602bad COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Contributor Content Developers group
      6d914f67-0d70-4cee-9d8d-c76633ec8cdf COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Contributor Mentors group
      8f0c1cb4-3a66-46a0-8760-cbfea9b47dcd COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Learner group
      977fe7c4-b42f-46b9-a6ec-6cbfeb4d38de COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Learner Auditors group
      d3eae042-2314-411a-a13f-45fbef6bab83 COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Learner Students group
      b8ec65a8-f713-493c-b344-aee432eda2ab COURSE:TEST:0001:2007-Fall:S01: Learner Vagabonds group
      010034671 Huiling Xu person
      010202803 James F. Cramton person
      010024657 Peter J. DiCamillo person




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