Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 0.9.3 (Essential Enneagon Plus Plus Plus) - HTML format


  • [CO-291] - Documentation for status in json
  • [CO-422] - Invite Link Should Go Away With Petitions
  • [CO-568] - Deleting a COU Does Not Delete The Corresponding COU Admin Group
  • [CO-621] - Don't Render Error In Drop Down Menu If No Petitions Defined For CO
  • [CO-682] - Org Identity Affiliation Inconsistency During Enrollment
  • [CO-729] - Manual Reprovision Person on DN Change Does Not Reprovision Groups
  • [CO-735] - "Enroll" Instead of "Invite" In CO Menu
  • [CO-795] - Person Can Remove Self From Closed Group
  • [CO-855] - Clarify Need to Enable Organizational Attributes
  • [CO-897] - Co Navigation Links "Reorder Attrbutes" throws "No CO" error
  • [CO-902] - Approving petition return error page
  • [CO-979] - Remove Old Grouper Plugin Residue
  • [CO-1022] - Types Fail With Pooled Org Identities
  • [CO-1023] - REST API Does Not Handle Extended Types
  • [CO-1024] - REST API Does Not Implement ErrorResponse
  • [CO-1025] - CO Admin Cannot Approve or Deny Petitions
  • [CO-1026] - CO Admin Cannot Reorder Enrollment Attributes
  • [CO-1027] - Description Does Not Render For Enrollment Attributes
  • [CO-1029] - Provisioners Not Fired After Petition Approval
  • [CO-1030] - Admin Has Incorrect "Self Service" Permissions
  • [CO-1041] - Edit Buttons Point to Incorrect Action
  • [CO-1042] - Sponsor Not Recorded In Petition Metadata

New Feature

  • [CO-219] - Integration with embedded discovery service
  • [CO-393] - Insert Release Into Header of Delivered Pages
  • [CO-736] - CO/COU provisioning into Grouper
  • [CO-829] - CO Landing Page
  • [CO-1036] - Integration with embedded discovery service


  • [CO-280] - Updating valid dates should update status
  • [CO-705] - Display Name of Flow/Attribute Being Edited
  • [CO-797] - Truncate History Comment
  • [CO-828] - Add CO selector menu
  • [CO-885] - Petitions Page not showing 'Self Signup' in petitioner colum
  • [CO-972] - Allow arbitrary markup on index page (front page) text
  • [CO-1033] - Improve Handling of Provisioning Expired People/Roles

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