Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 1.0.4 (Polished Polygon MR4) - HTML format


  • [CO-1227] - provisioning of group memberships fails for new enrollees
  • [CO-1228] - CO admin cannot reconcile all members groups
  • [CO-1229] - Grouper Provisioner fails if a group already exists in Grouper
  • [CO-1230] - Reconciliation of COU members groups causes ChangelogBehavior to throw RuntimeException
  • [CO-1231] - Removing a role does not result in removal from COU members group
  • [CO-1232] - Grouper Provisioner subject source does not filter expunged CoPeople
  • [CO-1233] - error deleting admin and member groups when deleting COU
  • [CO-1235] - Miscellaneous Undefined Errors During Enrollment
  • [CO-1236] - LDAP Provisioner Fails On Duplicate Enrollment
  • [CO-1237] - reconcileCouMembersGroupMemberships Does Not Handle Delete
  • [CO-1238] - Reconciliation of COU Members Groups Not Fired During Petition
  • [CO-1241] - Sending invite to OrgIdentity throws ChangelogBehavior error
  • [CO-1242] - Reprovisioning Group To LDAP Throws "Invalid Syntax"
  • [CO-1245] - LDAP Groups Not Correctly Updated On Change of Status

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