Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 1.0.5 (Polished Polygon MR5) - HTML format


  • [CO-722] - Approval Email Configuration Hidden on Configuration Page
  • [CO-1250] - StandardController views do not find for plugins under local
  • [CO-1260] - CMP Enrollment Attributes Not Populated Correctly
  • [CO-1261] - Function Signature Mismatch In CoPetitionsController
  • [CO-1269] - Grouper Provisioner created view for Grouper subject source does not handle changelog behavior correctly
  • [CO-1272] - Provisioning Does Not Fire After Status Recalculation
  • [CO-1273] - Superfluous Provisioning During Enrollment
  • [CO-1275] - Required Identifier Field Not Actually Required
  • [CO-1287] - Can't Set copy_to_coperson


  • [CO-471] - Fix "Login" Checkbox When Creating Petition
  • [CO-1181] - Identifier vs Login at Enrollment
  • [CO-1262] - Render Petition Confirmation Link When Debug Mode Enabled

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