Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 2.0.1 (Passing Fad MR1) - HTML format


  • [CO-1362] - Org Identity Search Throws Black-Hole Error
  • [CO-1420] - Manually Creating a New CO Person Role Does Not Create History
  • [CO-1427] - Renaming or changing index settings on CO Extended Attribute throws SQL syntax error (mysql)
  • [CO-1441] - Extended attribute Database Error
  • [CO-1452] - error 400 Invalid Fields using API to add identifier with custom type
  • [CO-1454] - GrouperProvisioner break not in the loop or switch context
  • [CO-1469] - Provisioning Does Not Fire During Syncorgsources
  • [CO-1472] - Duplicating Enrollment Flow Loses Enrollment Sources
  • [CO-1492] - LDAP plug in includes attribute with blank value
  • [CO-1499] - COU admin cannot view or start enrollment with petitioner authorization set to CO or COU admin
  • [CO-1500] - COU admin cannot view petition with COU set to the COU for which user is COU admin


  • [CO-1397] - LdapProvisioner Should Not Export Incomplete Objectclasses

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