Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 3.2.4 (Oyster Pearl MR4) - HTML format


  • [CO-1820] - githubProvisioner is broken
  • [CO-1821] - More than one error in provisioning leads to a greyed-out continue button
  • [CO-1822] - Lose membership as a CO admin
  • [CO-1823] - Duplicating an existing flow is not working properly
  • [CO-1828] - LDAP Provisioner fails if only one attribute from schema is provisioned and it has an attribute option
  • [CO-1836] - authenticated user enrollment flow throws invalid token when duplicate enrollment
  • [CO-1840] - Menu OrgIdentity list is wrong
  • [CO-1844] - self-signup enrollment flow not sending configured approval notification
  • [CO-1857] - Incorrect Rendering of Required Notation
  • [CO-1866] - EOF Conclusion Text is not set
  • [CO-1879] - EmailAddress table not available in query response
  • [CO-1880] - COU admin can not edit COU admins group
  • [CO-1889] - Enrollment Flow Results In Two Primary Names
  • [CO-1894] - COU Admin Permission Incorrectly Calculated

New Feature

  • [CO-1825] - Incorrect Enrollment Flow Configuration Causes CO Person to Revert to Pending
  • [CO-1873] - Update Cake to v2.10.20 or later

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