Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 4.0.1 (Purple Jade MR1) - HTML format


  • [CO-2290] - Search COPerson by email returns json with errors (REST API)
  • [CO-2291] - Search COPerson by email returns duplicates (REST API)


  • [CO-1249] - Normalization Changes "COmanage" to "Comanage"
  • [CO-1284] - Title Not Updated On Save
  • [CO-1289] - Editing Name Produces Incorrect Page Title
  • [CO-1735] - Infinite Loop on Login for CO Person With No Roles
  • [CO-1899] - CoPerson cannot view notification
  • [CO-2058] - REST API Returns 500 Rather Than 400 On Field Too Wide
  • [CO-2243] - Container images not configured for LDAP TLS
  • [CO-2244] - Regular Groups view displays CO and COU active and all groups
  • [CO-2249] - Platform admin cannot create nested groups
  • [CO-2250] - Platform admin cannot duplicate a CO
  • [CO-2251] - Self signup with approval enrollment flow fails with Invalid Token
  • [CO-2254] - Search results on Name display multiple rows for same CO Person record
  • [CO-2258] - Load global(COmanage CO) localizations for unregistered users
  • [CO-2260] - Self signup enrollment flow without approval dies because of tandcAgreement permission calculation
  • [CO-2262] - Privileged API user cannot get members of a group
  • [CO-2264] - CO Admins cannot create Departments until a CMP creates at least one
  • [CO-2267] - FileSource Throws Validation Errors
  • [CO-2271] - Current 4.x version of COmanage shows <!-- Version 3.3.2 --> in source
  • [CO-2275] - Group View fails
  • [CO-2277] - REST API error response is broken
  • [CO-2278] - Search configuration loading on a REST API Call
  • [CO-2280] - View Only MVPAs on Canvas Renders Unformatted in New Tab
  • [CO-2281] - Cannot Add Identifier Assignment for Type Email + Email Type Preferred
  • [CO-2282] - Undefined dictionary linked to attribute Enumeration
  • [CO-2283] - Lightbox View missing from OIS Name entry in canvas
  • [CO-2299] - CO Group Add Throws Error For Privileged CO API User
  • [CO-2300] - Privileged API user cannot add members to a group


  • [CO-2285] - Change COmanage Registry GitHub default branch name from master to main
  • [CO-2292] - Rename Master Branch to Main
  • [CO-2293] - Update Cake CA Bundle


  • [CO-2175] - REST API COU name change reflect in auto CoGroup names

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