Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 4.0.2 (Purple Jade MR2) - HTML format


  • [CO-2338] - Remove beforeValidate function from AppModel


  • [CO-1512] - provisioner passed provisioningData with no CoPerson key
  • [CO-1904] - First field does not have input focus when manually adding new CO person role
  • [CO-2204] - Error deleting an unlinked organizational identity
  • [CO-2205] - Phantom Collaboration on 'Available Collaborations' page
  • [CO-2295] - LdapProvisioner Manual Provision On Approved Record Tries to Delete Tree
  • [CO-2301] - MVPA available types are not set for OIS Related Records
  • [CO-2304] - FileSource Uses Wrong Configuration
  • [CO-2313] - CoreAPI missing created, modified columns
  • [CO-2316] - Do not sanitize password fields
  • [CO-2329] - JiraProvisioner should not delete Jira groups automatically
  • [CO-2336] - Rest API v1 index requests for CO user fail
  • [CO-2339] - ApiUser View missing action view proper render for the field priviledged
  • [CO-2340] - JiraProvisioner fails to delete group memberships when user deactivated
  • [CO-2342] - Editing organization results in cake internal error
  • [CO-2348] - CoEnrollmentAttributes reorder view does not render attribute names
  • [CO-2349] - Group Nestings Do Not Honor Group Member Validity Dates
  • [CO-2352] - Privileged API user cannot add CoExtendedType
  • [CO-2353] - REST users cannot create UnixCluster
  • [CO-2354] - Privileged API user cannot create CoNavigationLink
  • [CO-2355] - Privileged API user cannot add CoNsfDemographics
  • [CO-2356] - Privileged API user cannot create CoService
  • [CO-2357] - API user cannot create CoTAndCAgreementTest
  • [CO-2358] - Privileged API user cannot add CoTermsAndConditions
  • [CO-2359] - ApiSource Verified Flag Update Does Not Traverse Pipeline
  • [CO-2360] - Delete CO Throws Error
  • [CO-2361] - API user cannot view CoTAndCAgreement for a CO
  • [CO-2362] - Edit of UnixCluster returns 400 error with Version
  • [CO-2363] - Privileged API user cannot create UnixClusterAccount
  • [CO-2365] - CoNsfDemographic per CoGroup implementation
  • [CO-2366] - Undefined Index: badge
  • [CO-2367] - Privileged API user cannot view per Unix Cluster the UnixClusterGroup objects
  • [CO-2368] - UnixCluster add/POST should fail gracefully
  • [CO-2369] - REST API Add CoPersonRoles causes Notice with stack trace
  • [CO-2370] - REST API v1 Add for CoPersonRole without Status returns 201
  • [CO-2372] - Identifier REST API Add returns 500 instead of 403 for existing identifier
  • [CO-2373] - REST API CoGroupMember, IdentityDocument, Password throw Notice
  • [CO-2374] - Privileged API user cannot edit CoPerson

New Feature

  • [CO-2177] - REST API Should Support Filtering MVPAs By CO ID


  • [CO-2346] - privileged API user cannot edit CoGroup in CO
  • [CO-2347] - privileged API user cannot get groups per CO Person


  • [CO-2073] - Update Enrollment Source Documentation Link

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