Release Notes - COmanage Framework Migration - Version PE Milestone 12 (Regular Dozen) - HTML format



  • [CFM-273] - Transmogrify command throws warnings of 'Undefined array key "affiliation_type"'
  • [CFM-358] - transmogrify fails for types because sequence reset happens out of order
  • [CFM-359] - transmogrify fails to create some group_members rows because of primary key id collision
  • [CFM-373] - Error after attempting to add a user to the platform CO.
  • [CFM-380] - Fix CO Title (and logo image) link
  • [CFM-384] - transmogrify cm_org_identities affiliation may be NULL or empty string
  • [CFM-386] - transmogrify skips valid group memberships
  • [CFM-393] - Limit MVEA "Type" field to Current CO
  • [CFM-399] - Unable to activate plugin


  • [CFM-194] - Application Preferences
  • [CFM-237] - Messages and Notifications


  • [CFM-356] - Support PostgreSQL schema other than public
  • [CFM-383] - transmogrify handle CO Person Role with null affiliation
  • [CFM-388] - Fix cog padding for all views

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