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All (Feature request)


It would be very helpful if a Grouper install could be configured to have a set of "predefined structures" that could be used to quickly create a new variant of that predefined structure.

I am trying to use "folder1:XXX" to show relitive group/folder names" and "REF:...: " to show absolute references to things outside the scope of "folder1:..."

A very simple example of a template:

This is a single folder template. ( but it could be a structure of folders)
It has two groups in the folder. ( each folder could have N groups/members predefined or have empty memberships)

The "folder1:Users" group is a subtraction of "folder1:Allowed" - ( folder1:App Exclude Group + REF:REF2:REF4:REFN...:"master Exclude group")


-->Users ( A Group in "Folder1", that is "Allowed" - "Excluded" groups)
^(Exclude member of) --Excluded (Group, "Master Exclude Group" + "App Exclude Group")
^Member is "master Exclude group"
(hard ref to existing group outside of "Folder1")
^Member is "App Exclude Group"
^( Include members of) -Allowed (Group)
-->Admins (A group in Folder1)
--> Admins are granted permissions ("X") at the Folder1 level, "Y" for the "Allowed", and "Z" for the "Excluded"

The string for "Folder1" would be definable as the "New template" is created in the UI. [ It would be great if the strings could have a "variable replacement model"
The template could define a "variable marker" Maybe something like "$$$" or "###" that wraps the string to replace. That way the folder could be named "APP-$$$New App Name$$$" and the user could be prompted for the new string for "New App Name" during the "template create" process. (And the resulting folder would be named "APP-BOBsApp".)

It would also be greate if ANY name in the template should support this kind of "place holder"/"Prompt string" concept. And the value should only be prompted for once. AKA: only one "New App Name" value will be collected, but it will be substituted into as many folder/groups/attribute values where the $$$New App Name$$$ exists in the template.

However, the sub groups/folders and their predefined permissions (relative to "Folder1") would not be editable during the creation of the "APP-BOBsApp" folder. And the predefined members of other groups outside of "Folder1" would be auto added to the new folder/groups being built.
This can allow for external hard references to be pre-granted privs/access that could be designed to be used in the new structure.

This would allow a "Grouper Admin" to "template" a structure (of folders/groups) that would be created (new) or referenced existing (hard coded from outside of "folder1"). This "Template" could be identified as a "folder" (or Group) template. Then Users who are allowed to "Add" (group or folders) could select a template in the "Add a new Folder/Group/Template" process.

If the logic is done generically enough, an "Extract Template" could also be added to use existing folder/group structures to create a new Template too. ( Basically clone what exists, make relative reference where possible and leave all other "external refs" in tact as "hard coded" pointers in the template. A Grouper Admin could then refine/correct the template as needed to make it more generally useful.)

I am picturing a "template" folder/branch similar to the Grouper Administration -->attribute folder to store the template definitions and allow the Grouper Admins to edit/maintain them there.

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