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null pointer exception in loader with default source id




      ----Original Message----
      From: Biernath, Jutta
      Sent: Monday, May 23, 2016 4:24 AM
      To: Hyzer, Chris; grouper-users
      Subject: AW: [grouper-users] Bug found in GrouperLoaderResultSet.bulkLookupSubjects()

      Hi, Chris,

      Grouper Version 2.2

      Source File: grouper.edu.internet2.middleware.grouper.app.loader.db.GrouperLoaderResultset

      Assignment of sourceIdCol:
      (line 99)
      String sourceIdCol = null;
      (line 130-134)
      String subjectSourceId = (String) row.getCell(
      GrouperLoaderResultset.SUBJECT_SOURCE_ID_COL, false);
      if (!StringUtils.isBlank(subjectSourceId))

      { sourceIdCol = GrouperLoaderResultset.SUBJECT_SOURCE_ID_COL; }
          1. --> sourceIdCol stays null

      Assignment of sourceId:
      (line 136)
      String sourceId = null;
      (line 138-143)
      if (!StringUtils.isBlank(sourceIdCol))

      { sourceId = (String) row.getCell( GrouperLoaderResultset.SUBJECT_SOURCE_ID_COL, false); }

      //default this to what is in the config file
      sourceId = StringUtils.defaultString(sourceId, defaultSubjectSourceId);

          1. -->sourceId gets default value

      subjectIdsOrIdentifiers does not get any value:
      (line 93)
      Set<String> subjectIdsOrIdentifiers = new HashSet<String>();
      (line 146-157)
      if (!StringUtils.isBlank(sourceId)) {
      Set<String> subjectIdsOrIdentifiersForSource = sourceToSubjectIdsOrIdentifiers.get(sourceId);
      //lazy load for source
      if (subjectIdsOrIdentifiersForSource == null)

      { subjectIdsOrIdentifiersForSource = new HashSet<String>(); sourceToSubjectIdsOrIdentifiers.put(sourceId, subjectIdsOrIdentifiersForSource); }

      } else

      { //no source, just keep track of identifier subjectIdsOrIdentifiers.add(subjectIdOrIdentifer); }
          1. --> sourceId has a value, so I never get into else branch --> subjectIdsOrIdentifiers will never get any values; It stays an empty HashMap

      subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject does not get any value:
      (line 194)
      Map<String, Subject> subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject = null;
      (line 196-207)
      if (GrouperUtil.length(subjectIdsOrIdentifiers) > 0) {
      //what are they?
      if (StringUtils.equals(subjectIdCol, GrouperLoaderResultset.SUBJECT_ID_COL))

      { subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject = SubjectFinder.findByIds(subjectIdsOrIdentifiers); }

      else if (StringUtils.equals(subjectIdCol, GrouperLoaderResultset.SUBJECT_IDENTIFIER_COL))

      { subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject = SubjectFinder.findByIdentifiers(subjectIdsOrIdentifiers); }

      else if (StringUtils.equals(subjectIdCol, GrouperLoaderResultset.SUBJECT_ID_OR_IDENTIFIER_COL))

      { subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject = SubjectFinder.findByIdsOrIdentifiers(subjectIdsOrIdentifiers); }


      { throw new RuntimeException("Not expecting subjectIdCol: " + subjectIdCol); }


          1. --> subjectIdsOrIdentifiers is still empty, so I don't get into if-clause. But just here in this if-clause the values are assigned to subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject --> there are never values assigned to subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject; It stays null.

      Null pointer exception
      (line 215-226)
      if (!StringUtils.isBlank(sourceIdCol)) {
      String sourceId = (String)row.getCell(sourceIdCol, false);
      if (!StringUtils.isBlank(sourceId)) {
      Map<String, Subject> localSubjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject = sourceToSubjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject.get(sourceId);
      if (localSubjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject != null)

      { subject = localSubjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject.get(subjectIdOrIdentifier); }

      } else

      { //get the subject from the subjectId map subject = subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject.get(subjectIdOrIdentifier); }
          1. --> StringUtils.isBlank(sourceIdCol) is true if sourceIdCol is null or empty. My sourceIdCol is still null, see above, so I get into the else branch here. But in the else branch the get-Method tries to get a value from subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject, which is still null --> a null pointer exception occurs.



      Jutta Biernath
      Freie Universität Berlin
      Zentraleinrichtung für Datenverarbeitung (ZEDAT)
      Identity & Customer Management, FUDIS
      Fabeckstr. 32
      14195 Berlin

      ----Ursprüngliche Nachricht----
      Von: Hyzer, Chris Hyzer
      Gesendet: Freitag, 20. Mai 2016 18:27
      An: Biernath, Jutta; grouper-users
      Betreff: RE: [grouper-users] Bug found in GrouperLoaderResultSet.bulkLookupSubjects()

      Can you please give source file names and when referencing a source line give the line number and copy the source line too? Thanks, Chris

      ----Original Message----
      From: grouper-users-request
      On Behalf Of Jutta Biernath
      Sent: Friday, May 20, 2016 7:04 AM
      To: grouper-users
      Subject: [grouper-users] Bug found in GrouperLoaderResultSet.bulkLookupSubjects()


      after upgrading Grouper from 2.1.5 to 2.2.2 I have encountered several NullPointerExceptions when running loadergroups. I have carefully analysed the source code because I wanted to understand the cause. This is what I found:

      I have several loadergroups, each one with another view as resultset. Some of the views have a source_id column, others haven't (those which don't build a group hierarchy).

      Now the NullPointerException occured with the loadergroups with resultsets without source_id column. This is what happened:

      • I have a default source id set in the loader properties file, so this is <> null; this value is assigned to the variable sourceId
      • However I don't have a source column in the resultset, what means that the variable sourceIdCol stays null
      • Because sourceId has a valid value, the variable subjectIdsOrIdentifiers stays null; there are no values assigned to it.
      • Because subjectIdsOrIdentifiers is null, also subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject is null.
      • In ln. 218 however there is an if/else command that checks if sourceIdCol is blank or not. My sourceIdCol is still null, so i get into the the else branch.
        But there is a get()-Method on subjectIdOrIdentifierToSubject, which was never filled, see above --> a NullPointerException happens. Probably you wanted to check if sourceId was blank, not sourceIdCol.

      Until this is fixed I will work with a workaround, giving all of my views a column for the subject source. I just wanted to inform you, I think this is relevant.

      Jutta Biernath
      Freie Universität Berlin




            chris.hyzer@at.internet2.edu Chris Hyzer (upenn.edu)
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