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"my services" doesnt show up for non admins



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    • 2.3.1, 2.4.0
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      From: Hyzer, Chris
      Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2018 2:24 PM
      To: 'Bill Thompson' <thompsow@lafayette.edu>
      Cc: John Gasper <jgasper@unicon.net>; grouper-core <grouper-core@internet2.edu>
      Subject: RE: [grouper-core] Re: My services still working in 2.3 (all patches)?


      Im just trying to avoid needing to write an automatic migration process to switch from old to new once someone is ready.  Im fine making a patch, and I think it works, though it wont wrok with optin/optout, you need to make an “eligible” group in the folder, add you eligible people to that, and assign that group to optin/optout… ok?  I can do a patch but I would prefer not to put it in the training env before we decide if we revamp it, and do the revamping…  sound good?











      From: Bill Thompson [thompsow@lafayette.edu]
      Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2018 1:44 PM
      To: Hyzer, Chris <mchyzer@isc.upenn.edu>
      Cc: John Gasper <jgasper@unicon.net>; grouper-core <grouper-core@internet2.edu>
      Subject: Re: [grouper-core] Re: My services still working in 2.3 (all patches)?


      If the expected behavior is broken in 2.3, then it probably deserves a 2.3 patch. 


      Can you elaborate a bit on “it only works for admins in some circumstances…”?  Should I ignore this feature in the grouper training?  Should we mark the wiki doc as outdated/incorrect in some fashion?


      Revamping how one marks a folder as a “service” sounds like a fine thing for a later 2.4+ release. We probably should revisit what exactly one can/should expect from this feature before that. The behavior I was going after was having the “mfa opt-in/out" group show up in My Services for users authorized to leave/join.






      On Jul 17, 2018, at 12:16 PM, Hyzer, Chris <mchyzer@isc.upenn.edu> wrote:


      Bill, thanks for the report.  We need to discuss this...  


      It works for admins in some circumstances.  But needs a couple code tweaks to make this work. I made those changes in my local source, but Im curious...


      1. I dont think anyone ever used this feature (since it doesnt work for normal users)
      2. This was designed back when we were just getting started with UI/attributes
      3. Its clunky to create/assign the attributes


      So should we take a quick pass to revamp this to be more like loader/attestation/deprovisioning?  So you can go to the UI and assign a service, the attributes will propagate around and the queries will be more straightforward...  should we abandon and not document the current way? 


      Should I not update the code and not make a patch and we can tackle this after 2.4 is out?





      From: grouper-core-request@internet2.edu <grouper-core-request@internet2.edu> on behalf of Bill Thompson <thompsow@lafayette.edu>
      Sent: Monday, July 16, 2018 8:31 PM
      To: John Gasper
      Cc: grouper-core
      Subject: [grouper-core] Re: My services still working in 2.3 (all patches)?


      Right. I see the “My services” link in Quick links, but getting “No results found” even though I have set the “services” attribute and added banderson and bsmith to groups in the marked folder.  Maybe a permissions thing?

      > On Jul 16, 2018, at 6:54 PM, John Gasper <jgasper@unicon.net> wrote:

      > Hi Bill,

      > When you are on the main dashboard page, do you see Services listed there? I don't remember if it is banderson or jsmith, but one of them have it. But you are right, when you click on My Services it fails. I don't know why, I haven't had a chance to look into it.

      > John Gasper
      > IAM Consultant
      > Unicon, Inc.
      > PGP/GPG Key: 0xbafee3ef

      > On 7/15/18, 5:06 PM, "Bill Thompson" <thompsow@lafayette.edu> wrote:

      >    I'm working on a lesson plan for grouper training and would like to include a bit about "My Services". I've followed "Organizing services in Grouper"https://spaces.internet2.edu/display/Grouper/Organizing+services+in+Grouper, but can't seem to get anything to show up in My Services.

      >    I'm running the grouper training full demo which is built "FROM tier/grouper:latest".
      >    https://github.internet2.edu/docker/grouper_training
      >    Grouper status URL says "Server: 59ce46877bf5, grouperVersion: 2.3.0". And "tier/grouper:latest" should have all the patches?

      >    I've tried creating the service attribute def/names with the new UI and the lite UI, and get the same results:
      >    * AttributeDef/Names created in :app:mfa and assigned to :app:mfa folder
      >    * :app:mfa:test group has a member bsmith assigned
      >    * login as bsmith, nothing comes up in My Services
      >    * also logged in as banderson (sysadmingroup), and still nothing in My Services

      >    Any ideas?

      >    Thanks,
      >    Bill






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