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WS query can return data that is out of scope of the query.



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    • 2.4.0, 2.5.0
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      Setup to test:Setup to test:

      • Add a folder#1 Example: users:folders:USER_FOLDER:test-ws
      • And a group in the folder: users:folders:USER_FOLDER:test-ws:groupForWSRead
      • Add a subject to the group + SUBJECT_ID_VALUE to the group
      • Enable the WS user to read the users:folders:USER_FOLDER:test-wsOther:groupForWSRead group


      • Add a folder#2 Example: users:folders:USER_FOLDER:test-wsOther
      • And a group in the folder: users:folders:USER_FOLDER:test-wsOther:OthergroupForWSRead
      • Add a subject to the group + SUBJECT_ID_VALUE to the group
      • Enable the WS user to read the users:folders:USER_FOLDER:test-wsOther:OthergroupForWSRead group


      Test it:

      Do a WS call like the following: ( Non-existent stem in query)

      Results: return both groups. However the STEM asked for does not exist in Grouper, nor do the groups returned match the stem that was asked for.


      NOTE: An empty set would be ideal, But an "Error" (something like stem not found) would be reasonable too.


      NOTE: The query returns correct results ONLY when the stem that is asked for exists
      If you make a WS call with an existing stem you will get only the groups from that stem.


           Only returns membership for users:folders:USER_FOLDER:test-ws:groupForWSRead


            Only returns membership for users:folders:USER_FOLDER:test-wsOther:OthergroupForWSRead


      And if the WS users access is removed from the OthergroupForWSRead group


      Then the query for the existing stem that the user can not access correctly

      returns NO groups




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