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grouper ldap loader should be able to control which attributes are used in GROUPS_FROM_ATTRIBUTES



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      OK, good to know I shouldn't be looking for something that's not there.

      As far as what I'd like to see it would be great to be able to do either the includes or excludes. Doing both is probably useful as well, although I don't personally have an immediate use case that I can think of right now.

      What I'd like to do is something along the lines of "load all groups for attribute values that start with "aa"" or "load all groups for attribute values except those that start with "xx"". Not sure what you could do in terms of that level of selectivity but I'd also be happy to create a list of the all the full attribute values (rather than just a "begins with") to include/exclude.

      Thanks so much for your responsiveness to our questions Chris. As you know we're newbs with Grouper and we really appreciate the patience and responsiveness.


      On 5/9/13 3:51 PM, "Chris Hyzer" <> wrote:

      That feature isn’t there now, but would be easy to add, do you want an includes list or excludes list or both (mutually exclusive)?


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      We have setup a couple LDAP_GROUPS_FROM_ATTRIBUTES group definitions that result in many groups (one group for each value in the selected attribute), which is very, very, very useful for us (so thank you for that feature!). However, as you might imagine we have some values in the selected attributes that we don't really care to see loaded into Grouper. So the question is, can we control which values are used to create groups, and which are ignored, by the loader process?





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