Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 0.3 (Basic Shape) - HTML format


  • [CO-178] - Enrollment Workflow Data Revisions
  • [CO-180] - Enrollment Workflow Model and Controller Updates


  • [CO-85] - "(?)" on delete
  • [CO-155] - COU Admin trumps CMP Admin
  • [CO-171] - Extended Attributes fail on demo
  • [CO-175] - Add a New Extended Attribute renders text box for Index field when backend is MySQL
  • [CO-191] - caching after deployment setup causes error when PostgreSQL is backend
  • [CO-192] - beforeRender() condition in app_controller.php stops CakeError instances
  • [CO-199] - cm_users/Login Does Not Handle Multiple Org Identities Correctly
  • [CO-200] - Don't allow org identity to have multiple co people in same CO

New Feature

  • [CO-89] - Add sponsor to data model
  • [CO-94] - Add demographics to data model
  • [CO-119] - REST PUT
  • [CO-172] - Support nested COUs
  • [CO-198] - Configure CMP Enrollment on Initial CMP Admin Login



  • [CO-87] - Affiliation model cleanup
  • [CO-129] - Org People list shouldn't include current members when inviting
  • [CO-133] - generalize notion of invitation and related data model and REST API
  • [CO-161] - Foreign Keys not setup
  • [CO-173] - Setup instructions need improvement
  • [CO-193] - Add ability to link org identities to COs

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