Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 4.1.2 (Quiet Quay MR2) - HTML format


  • [CO-2557] - Allow other values for Organization not working
  • [CO-2599] - container slashRoot does not copy plugin symlinks
  • [CO-2600] - My population search filter double-encoding @ signs
  • [CO-2604] - Nested CO Group Memberships not automatically resolved when CO Petition is finalized
  • [CO-2607] - Container skip database setup during plugin enable if so configured
  • [CO-2609] - SQL Provisioner plugin does not change sp_co_people status after CO Person expunge.
  • [CO-2610] - SQLSTATE[23503]: Foreign key violation: 7 ERROR: update or delete on table "sp_co_people" violates foreign key constraint
  • [CO-2614] - Core API Index fails when query parameters used
  • [CO-2617] - SqlSource Cannot See Relational Tables From Second Instance

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