Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 4.2.1 (Pacific Pier MR1) - HTML format


  • [CO-2518] - Enrollee being forced to authenticate in an enrollment flow that doesn't require enrollee authentication
  • [CO-2601] - CoreApi requests apparently misrouted
  • [CO-2611] - Error during enrollment flow causing an interruption: Undefined variable $vv_petition_token and $vv_co_petiton_id
  • [CO-2613] - Database specific response for REST APIv1 CoGroup
  • [CO-2621] - Job Errors Cause Unexpected Exits and Stale Locks
  • [CO-2626] - CoInvites reply.ctp view does not render COU and Group Member attributes properly
  • [CO-2641] - Petition Enrollment Flow Link Broken For Archived Flows
  • [CO-2643] - Enrollment flow interrupted when "Accept" button double clicked
  • [CO-2644] - Running Expiration Job from command line causes multiple errors to be printed
  • [CO-2656] - Uploading SSH Key Throws Stack Trace
  • [CO-2661] - Index filters containing a space throw error
  • [CO-2664] - Incorrect OIS Group Mapping For Multiple Group Entries
  • [CO-2670] - container COMANAGE_REGISTRY_ENABLE_PLUGIN typo

New Feature

  • [CO-1637] - Disable Non-Admin CO Group Creation


  • [CO-2646] - Fix hyperlink in Authenticator Reset text (Recovery Widget)

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