Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 4.3.3 (Ruddy Rex MR3) - HTML format


  • [CO-2657] - Deleted Ad Hoc attributes values are not being deleted from SQL Provisioner database.
  • [CO-2692] - JSON bulk load not calculating status properly
  • [CO-2701] - Organization field contents disappear after petition completes.
  • [CO-2711] - slow DB query performance with cm_identifiers table
  • [CO-2713] - People Picker Broken for Sponsor Field During Enrollment
  • [CO-2724] - Bad interaction of ChangelogBehavior and threaded queries impacts adding CO Person Role
  • [CO-2734] - EnvSource multiple email delimiter PHP 8.x
  • [CO-2737] - CoNotification emails suspended user about resolution
  • [CO-2742] - CoSqlProvisioner syncAllReferenceData runs even for disabled plugins
  • [CO-2745] - Email Dashboard Widget: fails to fetch data for CO Members
  • [CO-2746] - CoManage Bulkload schema needs updating
  • [CO-2747] - Using Filter on My Population on any page other than first returns error
  • [CO-2748] - Filtering Groups returns 404 Not Found error when filtering on results pages other than results page 1
  • [CO-2749] - CMP admin can not add MVPA value to COPerson
  • [CO-2758] - FileSource plugin: double quotes on SORID in OIS CSV file prevent processing OIS "known record" changes
  • [CO-2763] - Invitation Enrollment Flow - Field attribute pointing to Roles->Manager doesn't show field to input

New Feature

  • [CO-2752] - Case Insensitive Identifier Searching


  • [CO-2726] - Enrollment flow now attaches empty Org Identity


  • [CO-2636] - PrivacyIdea Authenticator delete handling needs improvement
  • [CO-2755] - Move find People for Picker logic from Controller to Model

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