Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 1.0.1 (Polished Polygon MR1) - HTML format


  • [CO-1167] - Provisioners Do Not Run For Certain Enrollment Flows
  • [CO-1171] - SQL Error on Login When Org Identities Pooled
  • [CO-1173] - Resending an Invite (via Petition) Does Not Pick Up Address Changes
  • [CO-1175] - "IdPs to prefer for the EDS" only shows one identity provider and does not show past selections
  • [CO-1176] - COU members aren't added to their parent CO's "members" group
  • [CO-1177] - Warn When Sponsor Is Invalid
  • [CO-1185] - Sidebar Render Issue On External Projector
  • [CO-1187] - LDAP Provisioner Throws Error (Component Not Available)
  • [CO-1190] - Incorrect Attribute Change Message For Deleted Attributes
  • [CO-1196] - Incorrect Error on Invalid Email
  • [CO-1198] - Search Returns Duplicate Entries


  • [CO-1183] - Non-Interactive Setup Shell
  • [CO-1192] - Fix Redirect on Enrollment Flow Save
  • [CO-1195] - Fix Redirect on T&C Agreement
  • [CO-1197] - Setup Shell Should Accept Command Line Arguments

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