Release Notes - COmanage - Version COmanage Registry 4.3.0 (Ruddy Rex) - HTML format


  • [CO-2306] - Group membership "Bulk Add" action on Group Membership listing
  • [CO-2650] - Update Config/Schema/message.json for the Organizations and Departments


  • [CO-2633] - Insufficient Permission Calculation on Petition Index
  • [CO-2640] - Deleting an API User Broken
  • [CO-2647] - Namespace Assigner Plugin Settings - Edit Error in new CO
  • [CO-2651] - COU Sorting Not Working When Sorting By Parent COU
  • [CO-2653] - Namespace Assigner Response Handling Error
  • [CO-2655] - Add empty option to attribute forms during enrollment
  • [CO-2659] - CoGroupMembers pagination return CoPeople records
  • [CO-2660] - Ensure group members count on "Members" tab accounts for "Owner" only accounts
  • [CO-2665] - DEF_GARBAGE_COLLECT_INTERVAL is 1440 seconds
  • [CO-2668] - ApiSource Kafka - Unreported Kafka Errors
  • [CO-2672] - Convert all .co-info-topbox elements to remove jquery ui and use material icons instead
  • [CO-2673] - Duplicate CO with kafka servers not creating equivalent cm_kafka_servers entries
  • [CO-2678] - EnvSource incorrectly handling name attributes
  • [CO-2691] - LdapProvisioner fails when LdapSchema objectclass has no configured attributes
  • [CO-2693] - SqlSource Errors If Tables Don't Exist
  • [CO-2697] - Add missing model associations. Changelog behavior to support contain equal to true
  • [CO-2699] - UI prevents COU admin for child COU from deleting role in the child COU
  • [CO-2702] - Datafilter and Co fixes
  • [CO-2704] - PostgreSQL errors during database initialization

New Feature

  • [CO-1032] - CoPetition API Not Implemented
  • [CO-2426] - multi-platform multi-arch container images including arm64
  • [CO-2453] - Organization Core API
  • [CO-2619] - Approver Special Group Type


  • [CO-2669] - Remove extra checkbox titles from filtering fields
  • [CO-2707] - Upgrade jQuery


  • [CO-2321] - Create 'MaxRetry' counter for queue LDAP provisioning jobs
  • [CO-2403] - Prevent Enrollment flow for authenticated user
  • [CO-2574] - Include Group Member count on Group pages
  • [CO-2584] - Do not allow saving hidden enrollment attribute without default value
  • [CO-2637] - Email for petitions 'Pending Approval' should be configurable
  • [CO-2648] - Password Dashboard Widget
  • [CO-2662] - SqlSource Diff Without Timestamp
  • [CO-2663] - CoGroups and CoGroupMembers to use search element instead of their own file

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